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ATB Pomorze

ATB is a supplier of electrical installations in the maritime industry.

ATB ltd. is a company that started its operations in 2017, however, its experience dates back to 2010.
The company was created from the transformation of a one-person business. Since 2018, we have established close cooperation with leading electrical companies all over the world and we have become cooperators
of The Gdansk Shiprepair Yard Remontowa S.A.

The Gdansk Shiprepair Yard Remontowa S.A Remontowa S.A is the largest repair shipyard in Poland and occupies a place in the top three repair shipyards in Europe and the top five in the world. This cooperation allowed ATB to further develop and expand its permanent offer on the market in the shipbuilding industry.

The company ATB ltd. not only recruits new employees but also performs commissioned works and services. Organizes and conducts complete training of its own staff in order to constantly improve the qualifications of the crew. This allows the company to offer high standard services. We provide a wide range of services in the electrical and locksmith industries in the ship and land industry from construction/modernization, implementation, service to service.


Many completed projects.


We help with planning.


Skilled workers with permissions.

ATB Pomorze

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